Are Browser Cookies Devil or Angel?

In recent years, the discussion of browser cookies has not stopped. No matter in the advertising industry or even general user, many rumors about cookies’ privacy or security on the Internet have been heard. Some of these rumors are right, and many are misunderstood. What exactly are cookies? Do we need to pay attention?

What are browser cookies?

Cookies are some text files stored in the browser, which are written and read by the web server when browsing the website. Each browser has its own storage location, and the cookies of each browser on the computer cannot be read/written by other browser. Even if they browse the same website, they cannot read / write cookies from other browsers. These text files are also distinguished by domain name, which means that each website can only write or read its own cookie.

What Cookies Do?

Cookies are used for a wide range of purposes. For example, when a user logs on to a website, they are used to record the user’s login status. Another example is to record the goods and quantities in the shopping cart. Or record the locale selected by the user, so that the next time the user enters the website, the appropriate language will be displayed immediately.

Due to the current website, there will be many users interacting with the website. Many of these require cookies to help.

Cookie Security Issues

In fact, the cookie itself is just a text file and cannot be run as a program, so it will not be infected with computer viruses or used to transmit computer viruses. And one website cannot fetch cookies left by other websites, so it will not leak personal information because of cookies.

Some large websites use cookies to record user browsing behaviors, such as browsing time, pages viewed, etc., and then analyze them for advertising targeting. Although many people have a lot of bad opinions on advertising targeting , the editor personally believes that advertising targeting will not let users to receive more advertisements (even if there is no targeting , the ads still exist), but rather more effectively allow users to receive the required information. The editor also welcomes everyone to discuss this part.

If Cookies are Turned Off

These are just a few of the uses, and there are many more places where cookies are needed. If cookies are turned off, browsing will cause many problems. At present, if cookies are turned off in your browser, a warning message will appear when logging in to sites such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and you will not even be able to log in.

So. for the user experience when browsing the website, cookies play a very important role.

In summary, cookies are still a very important part of today’s internet, and they have a great effect on the user experience. Although some websites use cookies as one of the methods for analyzing user behavior, in fact, ad targeting also helps users reach the information they need. As long as you understand the role of cookies, you will understand that it does not exist like a devil as spread on the Internet. If you have any comments, please leave a message or contact us!