Wide Range of Campaigns

Choose from the best worldwide converting campaigns in CPA (Action), CPS (Sales), CPI (Install), CPC (Click). Affiliates can always find suitable offers here to monetize their traffic.

Dedicated Support

Our affiliate managers provide both strategic and operational support to maximize our profit. Collective expertise and assistance are available in all aspects.

Affiliate Solutions

Designed by our tech-driven team, you can access to a wide variety of tools including tracking, reporting, integrating to leverage your digital marketing investments.

Timely & Flexible Payments

LinksSend provides a number of payment ways. Select one that fit your needs and receive payments up to twice a month.



“Content is King”. Building content and writing editorials are the most traditional but also highly favored by our advertisers. Your hard work will eventually be paid off.

Loyalty Program

Taking advantage of existing assets and customer loyalty, the site owner promotes other brands in their channels in return for commission income.

Cashback Site

Customer earns certain percentage of every purchase at partnered merchants. This provides financial incentive to buy through the site.

Coupon Site

By posting latest deals and coupon code, Coupon Site with good SEO can easily attract potential customers and redirect them to the merchant site just before the purchase.

Price Comparison Site

By gaining access to merchants’ database, Price Comparison Site gather product information and allow shoppers to search, filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews, rate and more.

Display Ad

There are now huge number of ad marketplaces in the market where banner ads, pop ads, native ads, social media ads, search ads can be bought. A good combination of tools, approaches, and market sight could bring decent income.


Communicating brand and product information through emails. Building mail list of potential customers and quality mail layouts play an important role of getting high CTR (Click Through Rate) and CR (Conversion Rate).