Relied on our innovative tech and knowledge, LinksSend brings advertiser more exposures by performance optimization and affiliate recruitment.

With wider audience and affiliate coverage, this creates a long-term success and achieves the best performance ever.

Affiliate marketing enables affiliates to cooperate with variety of brands to promote their products while earning commission for each transaction they generates.

our strength

Large Partner Network

Over 500 well-know merchants using LinksSend to improve their performance and conversion rate

Transparent Dashboard

Advertiser dashboard include variety of report and data to analyze their own performance so as to optimize their performance.

Reliable and Precise Tracking System

Providing a real-time tracking by our self-developed tracking system and make data-driven decisions to maximize your revenue


Using browser identification to track weird buying behavior and avoid the fraud leads generated


Result-Oriented & Pay for conversion
> 10,000 Advertising spots & quick response to new promotion
Worldwide (Our publisher focus on APAC region)
Affiliate managers handle publishers & supported by self-service platform
Pay for media placement without concrete result (Higher Cost)
Contact them one-by-one & Deal with tracking issue one-by-one
Only focus on specific region/country
Handle each publisher one-by-one