About Us

Where are we come from

LINKSSEND is the leading affiliate network in Hong Kong. With huge influence and exposure in APAC, LINKSSEND provides digital solutions to advertisers and profit-marking opportunities to publishers.

We are a group of IT talents and marketing professionals who wish to create an efficient performance-oriented platform. We believe in smart ads acquisition and complete autonomy that both parties could configure campaigns and achieve their respective goals through our network.

The emerging e-commerce market motivates us to keep on opitimizing in all aspects in order to maintain a high standard of interacting market channels.


What we can deliver to you

LINKSSEND aligns our interests with those of advertisers and publishers. LINKSSEND has a small drop-out rate as we understand and operate in the way that we could profit IF AND ONLY IF our advertisers and publishers profit. Therefore, we are determined to deliver quality and innovation in response to advertisers and publishers loyalty.

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LinksSend Company Ltd
Unit 1010-15, 10/F.,
Tower B, New Mandarin Plaza,
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

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+852 3584 8134, Mon - Fri, 9:00-18:00

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