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LinksSend acts as an intermediate between advertisers(Merchants) who sell products or services and publishers(Affiliate Marketers) who help promote and convert to transactions. We are specialized in affiliate marketing technology solutions, with a strong focus on the APAC countries.

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Internet Influencer vs Affiliate Marketer

When we see someone who can make money online, the first that pops up in mind must be “internet influencer” or “KOL (key opinion leader). Yes, influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to spread marketing messages in short time and therefore brands are more and more willing to pay internet influencers to…


Is content still king in today’s programmatic world?

With Google targeting around 60% of digital marketing budgets expense on programmatic and 80% of US digital display was done through programmatic advertising, there is no stopping this rising trend around the globe. There’s no doubt that programmatic advertising has changed the face of the whole online ad acquisition process. The extremely high efficiency could…


5 Best Free Affiliate Tools You Need to Know In 2019

Apart from creating numerous contents, every affiliate marketer should also take advantages of available tools in the market. They definitely can bring valuable insights and analysis to help leverage your investments. This article is going to introduce 5 free tools that you must know before you can become a successful affiliate marketer. 1. Google Analytics…


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Pricing Model in Affiliate Marketing?

What pricing model does affiliate marketing usually use? Type of Pricing Model CPC (Cost Per Click)Charge commission when end user clicks on publishers’ website to redirect advertisers’ (merchants’) website CPA (Cost Per Action)Charge commission when end user through publishers’ website redirect to advertisers’ (merchants’) website and completed a *desired action.   CPS (Cost Per Sale)Charge commission…


Are Browser Cookies Devil or Angel?

In recent years, the discussion of browser cookies has not stopped. No matter in the advertising industry or even general user, many rumors about cookies’ privacy or security on the Internet have been heard. Some of these rumors are right, and many are misunderstood. What exactly are cookies? Do we need to pay attention? What…


How to Build a Website 2 – Learn to Choose Website Builder to build up a affiliate publisher website

If you want to start a website and become an affiliate publisher, you must first have a website. Many friends of the editor think that building a website requires a lot of professional knowledge. In fact, there are many online services now that make it easy for you to build a professional website. The following…


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