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Pricing Model in Affiliate Marketing?

Type of Pricing Model   CPC (Cost Per Click)Charge commission when end user clicks on publishers’ website to redirect advertisers’ (merchants’) website CPA (Cost Per Action)Charge commission when end user through publishers’ website redirect to advertisers’ (merchants’) website and completed a *desired action. CPS (Cost Per Sale)Charge commission when end user through publishers’ website redirect Continue reading »

How to Build a Website 2 – Learn to Choose Website Builder to build up a affiliate publisher website

If you want to start a website and become an affiliate publisher, you must first have a website. Many friends of the editor think that building a website requires a lot of professional knowledge. In fact, there are many online services now that make it easy for you to build a professional website. The following Continue reading »

8 Keys to Determine the Performance of your Affiliate Marketing Website

There are mainly two ways of strategic thinking for a publisher’s CPS (cost per sale) planning. The first one is the traditional way and also highly favored by most of the advertisers. Publisher’s Website > Interest & Needs > Advertiser’s site > Purchase Publisher builds content and attracts visitor. Needs are induced and visitor becomes Continue reading »

How to Build a Website 1 – The necessary knowledge before build a website and the devils in the details of a quotation from outsourcer

Our customers often ask us about setting up a website. For example, advertiser wants to set up its own e-commerce website, and publisher will want to create or update a blog/information website. We will give advice to let customers know about their needs and the services that outsourcers can provide. They are exempted from being Continue reading »

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually part of digital marketing. Most people know digital marketing, including social media marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization / search engine optimization), EDM (Email Direct Marketing / email marketing) and so on … And affiliate marketing is a very important part of digital marketing. Continue reading »